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  • Lamp Shades to Influence Your Home’s Décor

    Designer Lamp Shades for Sale

    Big box stores sell lamp shades but is there a salesperson who knows anything about them? Our staff does. Does your lamp need a riser, harp, saddle, bushing or finial? Do you have an old favorite shade (that may have come with the lamp) that needs to be relined? The heat from incandescent bulbs is hard on linings, so is the sun. Some old shades that are one-of-a-kind, simply cannot be replaced. If the spider and the ribs (the bones) are in good condition, why not have it relined? We support several lamp shade vendors; Morlee, J. Harris, Del Sol and Monter Lite to name a few. Morlee does a fantastic job of relining and recovering and the shades arrive back to us perfect every time. We recently sent three very large and very old shades to Morlee for just that purpose and our customer could not be more happy with the results.

    lampshades in Charlottesville Sometimes a fresh new look on an old lamp can light up a room. We suggest you bring in your lamp when wanting a new shade. You wouldn’t buy a hat without your head and the same applies to lamp shades. You may be used to a certain shape but when we start trying on (hats) a change can make a huge difference. A client said “I never thought an oval shade would look so good on this lamp and it saves space on our night stand”. The look of a shade will vary based on shape, style, size and fabric.

    White lamp shapeHard backs and soft tailored shades are the types we provide. Drums, Cylinders, Empire, Coolie, Bouilotte are shapes of hardbacks. Some of the same shapes are offered in soft tailored along with Bells, Corset, Scallop, Oval, Dome, Umbrella, Square, Rectangle, Pleated, French , Octagon and Hexagon. We have shades for swing arm lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and we offer clip-on shades and Uno shades as well.

    lampshape repairTo measure your shade, measure the top, bottom and the slant or the height of the side from top to bottom. Sometimes spiders are at the top of the shade and sometimes they are recessed and all of these measurements are most important when trying to duplicate the shape of your current shade. When you purchase a shade, the sizes are always top, bottom and height and the tag may read the shade number and then a -18 (bottom measurement). Also on the shade may be 6 x 18 x 11. The middle number is the width of the bottom of the shade and it is always is included in the part number.

    new lampshadeWe have fabric swatches if you prefer something other than our most popular créme, white and ivory. All of our shades come with a plastic cover which are used to keep the shades clean during transport and storage and must be removed before using on your lamp. Shades do not meet any Local, State or Federal fire codes or regulations so turn out the light when it is not in use. LED bulbs are a must to prevent heat which causes yellowing and damage to the shade. We offer many LED bulbs and the 3-way LED that many lamps are rated for.

    Come see our selection of “hats” today and let us help you with the perfect size and color. Repairs of lamps are done on our premises. Does your old lamp need to be rewired or is a new socket needed? Bring it in and let us work our magic. Find out more about our Repair Services and Lamp repair with our recent Repair, Don’t Replace Blog Post.