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  • Why Update Outdated Bathroom Light Fixtures?

    One Light Bathroom Fixture

    I met Randall Whitehead years ago and often read his funny play on words. He is a brilliant lighting designer and spares no expense in telling it like it is. In a recent article he mentioned homeowners are looking to refresh their spaces, following the pandemic. “Changing outdated light fixtures can update a home in subtle, yet meaningful ways. Why hold onto those fixtures from the 1980’s or 90’s? We change our phones almost every year so why live with old light fixtures?”

    He is so right. I have come to know I am a creature of habit and I’m sure I’m not alone. You know, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? There are many reasons for “fixing it”. Bath fixtures and exterior fixtures will rust over the years and often when you think the bulb has blown, it is the socket that has rusted and no longer good. Old wiring can become brittle and become a fire hazard. If you’ve been in your home for years (as I have) aging eyes need more or a different type of light. Let’s consider replacing those vintage lights with updated ones and invite new life into your space.

    Bathroom Light Fixture Let’s discuss replacing bath lighting. I see this blog as a two-or three-part series so please bear with me. Most of us have lighting over the mirror which Randall refers to as “birds on a wire” look. Consumers are learning the value of cross illumination which is placing a light fixture on each side of the mirror instead of above. This type of lighting provides even illumination to both sides of the face and eliminates the heavy shadowing under the eyes and chin caused by lighting over the mirror. The rule of thumb; vanity lights are mounted vertically 18″ from the centerline of the sink and 36″ apart with mounting height for the junction box at 5′ 6″ above the floor. Often side lighted mirrors will serve the same purpose.

    If your bathroom has recessed lighting and a flush mount in addition to the lights on either side of the mirror, there’s a lot of light at play. Cross illumination offers the ability to use statement sconces so have fun selecting fixtures that not only offer light but style and art. In my next blog I’ll share info about illuminated mirrors.