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  • Who is Nancy B?

    About Nancy B

    I have had customers ask me this question. They want to know if Nancy B is a real person or just a name I decided to use.

    Have you ever noticed how much people like to talk about themselves? I do and I also do. I thought I would tell you how I got into this business to begin with. Before our third child was born, we had a darling ladies and girl’s clothing business. After about 10 years and thanks to “Made in China” Jim and I were forced to close our clothing store and factory, J Estes. So, Jim opened Jim’s Fly & Tackle and I became unemployed. When I was about 37 a good friend mentioned to our neighbor, I might be looking for work and this is where my lighting story begins.

    My neighbor offered and I accepted the job offer at Elite and began working for an electrical distributor which was an employee-owned company. I learned to wear many hats, loved my coworkers and clients and then years later the day came when the president of the company decided to sell. The new owners were primarily investors, but they brought on board a man to be president with whom I have great respect, Ron Rash. He offered me an opportunity to design and open a lighting showroom which I did. Until then, I sold light fixtures strictly from catalogs. The showroom was a huge success, and I met many wonderful clients, many, I work with to this day. A few years later when Ron made the decision to leave the company, he met with twelve of us whom he considered the elite of Elite. His parting gift to us was a Bible engraved with our names. I was very honored. After many wonderful years, I was wooed by a competitor and after a couple of years, decided to start my own business in 2007.

    My husband Jim was and still is my biggest fan and without his encouragement, I most likely would not have been so courageous to go on my own. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share my faith with you. I owe my real gratitude to God. He has been with me every step of the way and has sent me the most valuable of gifts, my employees, and wonderful customers. You see, great people are gifts and Sherri, and Larry are the creme de la creme as well as Gloria and George. Thank you, wonderful folks who take such great care of our business and clients and to God who gets the glory.
    Here are some of Nancy B’s favorite things:

    • Color-fuchsia
    • Hobby-gardening
    • Movie-Michael
    • Food-steak
    • Play-Phantom of the Opera
    • Book-The Shack
    • Person-Jim Brewer
    • Artist-Johnny Mathis

    -Nancy B