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  • Sun Rise, Sun Set

    Every now and then, I like to blog about something other than lighting. So faithful readers, hope you will enjoy.

    I’m passionate about many things and two are sun rises and sun sets. I enjoy them the most on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As I write this I feel refreshed and renewed from four great days at the beach with my favorite person. I rise early to greet the sun. There are other “early birds” on the beach and some on decks waiting, anticipating, eager to see God’s handy work. While still dark, the sky is evolving into the most majestic scene ever. Shades of violet, blue, teal, pink, indigo, orange, crimson, yellow, lilac, magenta, purple and fuchsia spread in swirls, some pastel, others vibrant. Then it happens! The sun starts to peak out looking as though it is coming out of the ocean, and then over a matter of minutes, it explodes into a giant fire ball of orange. The ocean waves break beneath it and day light once again returns. I would not know how to describe the view to someone without sight, I couldn’t do it justice. There are no words.

    My fascination with the sun often ruffles the feathers of my husband. We often have to race the clock to find a location to see the glorious sun set which means either rushing through an early dinner, skipping cocktails, eating late or the interruption of his fishing. Thankful for the day and saying good night to the sun is a moving way to end the day. Watching the sun dip back down into the ocean is thrilling. But the real gift comes after the sun has set. Once again God paints the sky into the most beautiful display of color. Pallet in hand, His paint brush dips in all the colors and the magnificent art work moves my heart and soul and draws me closer to my creator.

    Some say “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. There was never a more untrue statement made.