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  • Rustic Lighting, What’s That?

    Six Light Chandelier

    In the home magazines and HGTV we hear the word rustic often as of late. So what does it mean? All of the following words and descriptions can describe this word: lacking refinement or elegance, lodge, wooden beams, farmhouse, simple, cabin style, handcrafted, rough in appearance and suitable for the country.

    Rustic lighting is typically loved for its simplistic style, vintage aesthetic, and handcrafted appearance. Popular finishes for rustic lighting include oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron, antique copper, brass, zinc, and forged silver, with “raw” or aged metals a common theme. Wooden beams and natural materials are popular among rustic style, as well as wire, iron pipe and industrial material. Rustic can also feature nautical inspirations, such as braided hemp, rounded glass, and metal wire.

    Rustic Lighting Chandelier

    Many fixtures replicate the look of vintage fixtures, but of course with modern wiring, making them safer and more energy-efficient than true vintage lighting. Rustic lighting fixtures many times feature exposed light bulbs, making them perfect to pair with Edison or Candle bulbs to complete the old-fashion look.

    Gooseneck fixtures can also be included in this category. While commonly thought of as exterior lighting, bringing “outdoor” fixtures indoors, such as gooseneck, lanterns, and sconces, can bring that rustic look to your interior design.

    So what is rustic? Natural? Handmade? Vintage? Industrial? The truth is, it is whatever you think it is. Many different types of lighting can overlap into rustic and the theme can incorporate many different styles. Many of the fixtures we provide incorporate wood, hemp or mesh in their construction, and they are beautiful, but not always thought of as rustic.

    You can discover more rustic lighting fixtures on our online store or by visiting our lighting showroom in Charlottesville! We are always available to help you find the perfect lighting for your home.