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  • Residential Lighting Design Style – Part 2

    Residential lighting design

    Our customers most often think they know the style of lighting they want. However, when they come into our showroom that all changes. Selecting lighting can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Customers who are building often decide on flooring, counter tops, plumbing, appliances, paint colors and save lighting for last. When this happens, panic sets in. But no fear, we’re here to put out the fire and do some hand holding. We’re good at that. So, starting at the beginning means considering style. Continuing from my last blog with some suggestions from our vendors Maxim and Crystorama follow.

    Unique Pendant lightModern:
    This design emphasizes function and simplicity. Modern decor consists of natural materials, earthy colors, and special detailing. The lines are clean, and decor is minimal.

    Inspired by the outdoors, this style is drawn from natural and weathered elements. The emphasis is on rugged, natural beauty that embraces nature inspired textures and earthy tones.

    Glam:glam chandelier
    This style is very ornate with luxurious fabrics and glittering metals. The lighting is typically dramatic. As I mentioned in my last blog, I consider our style to be eclectic. Along with leather, bright fabrics we have a contemporary crystal circular chandelier over our more traditional dining room table. It is glittering and quite the wow factor. So, a little glam can make all the difference and is lots of fun.

    Millennials are most attracted to this style and are the largest group of home buyers currently on the market. Knowing the general trends of what this generation prefers is extremely beneficial. Combining modern, minimalist, and urban design works best for the Industrial look.