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  • Old Friends Are the Best

    Nancy B's Old Van

    Our very first purchase when we started Nancy B’s House of Lights in 2007 was a Ford van. We had it wrapped and it has delivered many lovely fixtures to many of our clients. A few months ago, we had an opportunity to buy a much newer van at a good price so we did. Change is really hard for me and I have loved the bright blue wrapping of our old friend but decided this newer van had a different personality and needed a new fresh look. What do you think? Nancy B's New VanIf you see her around town, give a wave. Most likely Larry will be driving her as she struts around town.

    Speaking of the color blue, I came across an old article from Nov. 20 in one of my lighting magazines. The article was titled “Pandemic Palette” from The Furniture Lighting Decor. It spoke of the clash of chaotic colors all working together. Sounds like the pandemic, doesn’t it? Brightly Colored Light Fixture The article mentioned how rich ripe reds, rusts and saffron yellows add warmth and teal and turquoise added bright coolness. When all of these colors are grounded in gray and navy, it makes a confident and cheerful addition to any space. Pillows and rugs in bright colors and designs , even small colorful end tables make a real splash when walls and other furniture are soft solid colors.

    Charlottesville Lighting ShowroomAdding to the article was the discussion of nature’s bounty; colors of the earth. The subtle shades from tea to timber, berries to beetles will create products that yield a palette of colors that are in the range of nature. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic, we are excited to get out of the house and decorate and update. Try some bright colors to cheer you.

    Lighting is no exception. Visit our showroom or our website to see some of the new exciting finishes that are sure to excite and invigorate your palette.