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  • New Lighting Designs Seen Far Away

    We just celebrated our wedding anniversary and decided Jamaica would be a great place to celebrate. It was a quick trip, and we had a nice, relaxing visit. I am always intrigued by the lighting I see in hotels and the Resort in Montego Bay offered some interesting ones. This Resort is getting ready to close for five months for remodeling and I wonder if new lighting will be installed. Their current lighting is up to date, fresh with the latest in design, so unless they change the decor, I would think the current fixtures would not be necessary to change.

    Commercial lighting is most often very large and oversized to accommodate large spaces. Cameras and phones were seen snapping photos of the beach, the sun set, the lovely scenery and I was taking pictures of the light fixtures. I did get some strange looks, but I was writing a blog in my head, and I ignored the stares. I’ve often said, “when you are in the lighting industry, you notice ALL lighting”, it is the jewelry, and it shows off the space it is lighting.

    In one of the pictures, you will notice the large decorative piece coming down 15 feet from the ceiling with leaf looking objects. The diodes in the canopy is the light supply. The orbs decorated some of the restaurants and they didn’t shy away from using lots of these. I couldn’t resist taking a picture in our room with the very interesting pendant on either side of the bed. I’m not a fan of clear glass, but it is very popular, and Jamaica was right on target. If you have a chance to visit Jamaica, besides all the lovely sights, enjoy the lighting as well.