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  • The Aging Eye and Brightening the Home for Seniors

    Lighting for aging eyes

    We often have clients who proclaim to be “Baby Boomers”. Since I am one myself, I completely understand the need for more light. We have clients who have invited their parents to move in with them rather than assisted living locations and they come to us with the question of “how do we offer more light for our aging parents?” Let’s face it, inviting our folks to live in our home is/was most likely a difficult decision for all but once reached we may find that to be the easy part. Physically, we need to consider grab bars, width of doors, steps and maybe the installation of a ramp. Lots of decisions must be made and a contractor may be needed to assist in necessary changes even if staying in a current home. Lighting these areas and homes is what we do at Nancy B’s. Glass shades in a bathroom fixture may offer unexpected glare and the light levels may be painful to the eye. Our mature generation is more sensitive to glare and less able to focus and shadows can look like water puddles. Light is also vital to the production of melatonin. Better lighting is a simple measure that allows the elderly to maintain their independence and increase their sense of well-being. The aging eye’s lenses grow thicker and colors blur, all more reasons for the correct lighting. As we age, we need a different quality of light as less light reaches the retina.

    In daylight, many homes have plenty of light however, when the sun goes down, the amount of lighting in a room must go up. Several table lamps may be needed in a room. Task lighting placement is crucial. You want the light to be on the task; if reading it should be on the book. We offer Verilux lamps that use full spectrum bulbs which are perfect for reading, knitting, woodworking and other close-up challenges. Remember the dining room table; the light should be on plates and utensils. Doing this will improve visibility immensely.

    As popular as LED’s are, it’s important to block any direct view of them for Seniors. This can be done by using lenses in recessed cans and a chandelier may require the use of shades over those bare bulbs. Indirect light sources such as ceiling fixtures and pendants are most helpful. Let us help you and your family members age in place comfortably and I bet we will see eye to eye on the correct lighting.