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  • Light Bulbs -Part 2

    Choosing Light Bulbs

    Continuing my blog from last month may help you to think through some important issues when choosing the correct light bulb.

    Light bulbs give off different colors of light, known as the color temperature. Often as bulbs burn out, replacing them with the same color temperature (Kelvin) can be challenging. Have you ever noticed that some bulbs in your recessed cans may be more yellow and some more blue? Mismatched bulbs are not a good look and may be quite bothersome and distracting. A good idea is to change out all the light bulbs in the same room at the same time, making sure they are all the same Kelvin temperature, or buying extras at the time of purchase in order to replace the burned out bulb with an exact replica. 2700K to 3000K is the warmer color that most resembles incandescent, food looks better and so do we in this color temperature.

    Dimming bulbs can save energy and give you control of setting the mood in a room. Not all bulbs are dimmable, if you want this feature make sure the bulbs say they are dimmable before purchase. Read LED labels carefully. If you want to use them in an enclosed fixture or in exterior fixtures, make sure this information is listed on the box. You will enjoy your LED bulbs and benefit from them if you pay attention to the labels and purchase the correct bulbs the first time. Just like you read food labels, make it a habit to read labels on the bulb containers.