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  • Landscape Lighting that Beautifies as Well as Illuminates

    Landscape Lighting in Charlottesville

    Grazing, Shadowing, Silhouetting are a few terms that are used to create effects by utilizing landscape lighting. They each have a positive effect and help to dramatize an interesting shaped object whether it be a tree, statue or the exterior of your home. Creating a focal point is most accomplished by uplighting. Wall washing is a technique that refers to the general illumination of a wall or surface. Grazing emphasizes a textured surface such as a tree trunk or stone wall.

    Deck, patio, step lighting and path lighting are all to either create an effect or create pools of light that illuminate a safe entrance to your home. While home improvement projects are endless when it comes to the interior of your home, upgrading the outside of your home offers increased security, extends your outside living space and improves the value of your home.

    In our showroom, we have a lovely flowing pond where we display different types of path lighting. Accenting the front of your home, trees, plants or steps can be done quite easily. Let us help you create the effect you desire. Our knowledgeable staff and our helpful reps are ready to help you.

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