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  • Lamps – We All Have Our Favorites

    Lamp repair services Charlottesville Va

    As many of you know, we offer lamp repair service. Many old favorite lamps hold memories and the sentimental value is worth having them repaired. In our home we have a very old metal lamp in our guest bedroom that if moved or rocked back and forth makes a clanging sound. When I was about 4 and instructed to take a nap, I talked my mother into letting me nap on hers and my Dad’s bed. Their bed was an old bookshelf style and upon it sat this metal lamp. I would wiggle and make that lamp clang to beat the band. I know it drove my Mom crazy but I’m glad to have that funny memory and the lamp. Many of us have old favorite lamps that need some TLC (tender loving care). Our repairman is able to make them like new changing the sockets, switches and rewiring them. He does not alter the finish but will clean them up when requested.

    Lamp rewiring by Nancy B in CharlottesvilleMany interesting lamps come through our doors. This little lamp with the nude ladies made us all laugh. The little ladies were very dusty and stained but George cleaned them right up as you can see. Another customer brought in the two lamps pictured which were made in Vietnam back in the 60’s and the wiring could have started a fire. The thin wires were not UL approved for the USA but because the wires were so thin, they could fit through the tiny curves of the lamps. At first, George didn’t think there was a way to make these beauties work again. After much studying, he came up with a solution and our client asked him to proceed with the repair. George performed surgery on these old lamps and they now work like new and are safe. We not only repair lamps but often are asked to repair exterior fixtures and chandeliers. All repairs are done on the premises, we will not send them away.

    Does your old favorite lamp need a new hat (shade)? We will help you select the correct size, style, color and fabric. As the saying goes, you wouldn’t buy a hat without your head and the same applies to shades. We always suggest you bring in your lamp when selecting a shade.

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