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  • Huge Success at Lightovation in Dallas

    Gold and Black Light Fixture at Lightovation

    The Market was so inspiring, interesting, above normal, exciting, current and most worthy of the trip. Several years ago at Lightovation the finish black was introduced and while all of us were ready for a new finish, black was a finish we were unsure of. I think I lacked imagination, trust in the industry and it presented a challenge for me. I’ve been wrong before and I was wrong then as well. This year, black was seen everywhere and I am finally ready for it.

    Another finish that we will all be seeing in home improvement magazines and HGTV is gold. You heard me right, gold. It’s beautiful, it’s not polished brass or even antique brass. It’s more of a brushed brass and every vendor has named it something different. Also most popular are dual finishes; black and gold, chrome and gold, chrome and black etc. We are expecting our new arrivals in about a month, plan a visit to Nancy B’s and see if you agree that this year’s new fixtures are the best ever.

    Right now we are having a huge Winter Sale and making room for all the new and fresh fixtures (many in black) that I ordered at Lightovation.