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  • How Old Are You?

    Lights Out Corner - Lights Discount Store in Charlottesville

    I will tell you I have a birthday coming up and while a two-digit number, its pretty big. Speaking of age, look around your home and notice pieces that may have belonged to your parents or grandparents. Maybe its furniture, china, jewelry or maybe lamps. We are the only lamp repair in Charlottesville and people bring in lamps of all shapes, sizes, and age. We are creatures of habit and may not want to be rid of old sentimental lamps. However, with age, just like us, parts wear out. The nice thing about old lamps, is that we have new parts for them. Aren’t they lucky? Our repairman is on site and can rewire, replace, and make your old lamps like new. Bring them in and watch us work our magic. Maybe a new shade is in order, we have those as well.

    Lamp Repair in Charlottesville VaNow fans and ceiling fixtures are a bit different. While most can last for a very long time, many lose their luster and may not work as well as when they were new. With a possible recession looming, we need to watch our spending and prices continue to rise. In the lighting world, this is true. That being said, we have a Lights Out Corner where you will find some great bargains. In our Corner, you will find lamps, mirrors, bath and exterior fixtures, fans, and ceiling lights. There are always some goodies just waiting to be taken home.

    As we spend more time outside this time of year, having lighting that weather does not hinder is important. We offer lamps that can be plugged in and some that come with chargers. Stop by and let us wow you with great lighting and top notch customer service.