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  • Home Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

    Dos and Donts of Home Lighting

    Please consider these useful DO’s and Don’ts when it is time to buy and install your home lighting fixtures! First off, DO have fun with the process and never get rushed.  Lighting is the jewelry of your home. I know, I know, it can be overwhelming when your electrician or contractor tells you they are ready to install lighting right away and asks you to get your fixtures. We have customer’s who feel their world will end if they are unable to provide the electrician the fixtures right away.

    Dos and Donts of Home LightingHowever if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! Thank your electrician profusely, explain how very important it is that you take time to get everything ready he needs to complete the job, and then politely ask to get on a later schedule. Keep in mind that the electrician is very busy while explaining how important it is to you to have just the right lighting fixtures. Then assure him, he is the best and you want no one else, which will most likely keep everyone happy and make it possible to accommodate your rescheduling needs.

    Dos and Donts of Home LightingDON’T just select something and think you will change it out down the road – it won’t happen. We are creatures of habit and can sadly get used to living with ugly lights. Your lighting needs to be the right size, have the right amount of light for your tasks, have the finish and style you desire, and to coordinate with your other lighting and furnishings.

    Dos and Donts of Home LIghtingDON’T schedule an electrician until you have your fixtures in hand. As an example, you wouldn’t try to rent a beach house for your family vacation today and expect it be available tomorrow when you arrive, would you? Be ready, cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

    DO take your time searching for the right fixtures and DO ask your lighting consultant questions. You don’t need an appointment with us!  Come on in and let us listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We are in Charlottesville on 29N also referred to as Seminole Trail. We share the parking lot with Grand Home Furnishings, and we are in the grey Blue Ridge Bank Building. Heading North on 29, take an immediate right after passing Crutchfield. We have Saturday hours as well for your convenience.