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  • Health Conscience Residential Lighting

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    Do I have your attention? Lighting can make a difference in your life, the same as a comfy chair or a bed that fits your physical needs.  Your home is your sanctuary.  Selecting the right shades for your lamps, the right chandelier for the dining room, the proper lighting for your bathroom is most important. Selecting artwork, mirrors, torchieres, sconces, and swing arm lamps will make a huge difference in your comfort and reflect your personality.

    Residential Lighting CFL/LED DimmerDimmers are incredible tools; they can set the mood for cozy living and yet allow your fixtures to shine at their maximum.  Nobody likes harsh lighting or lights that cause glare.  I’m a baby boomer and aging in place is something I think of and encourage my mature clients to do the same.  Residential lighting that is easy to care for and lighting that prevents the possibility of falling, for example step lights, are things we all need to think of.

    Health and wellness should be at the forefront of concern.  There’s a rising interest in self-betterment, body and mind and the idea of buying local, engaging in more sustainable daily practices, limiting screen time and being aware of products you bring into your home-lighting and home furnishings included are important matters to consider.

    Wellness-based design products make a huge impact.  Residential lighting can have a huge effect on your mood and productivity. There have been studies showing Alzheimer’s patients sleep better, their mood and behavior are positively impacted with the right lighting.  Full spectrum LED’s simulate natural sunlight which is so helpful when helping with depression and people with Autism.  Another study has shown the higher amount of light during the day at work and home proves better sleep at night.  Lighting isn’t just for vision any more, it’s time we had guidelines so that healthy lighting can be effectively delivered to benefit society.

    Residential Edison Light BulbAt Nancy B’s we do more than just sell lighting – we help our clients with peripheral pieces of their project with products that benefit the physical well-being of a home’s inhabitants. When I needed to install an outdoor electrical circuit, I hired an electrician.  When my weed eater broke, I took it to a repair shop.  In each of these instances, the task at hand required knowledge and skills beyond my own, so I went to an expert.

    We may not have all the answers, but we have a lot. You’re too smart to buy your lighting online and expect it to meet your needs. Instead rest assured that you can come to us for expert guidance and the latest products to fulfill all of your residential lighting needs.