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  • Hawaii, a Great Vacation Spot – With the Proper Fixture Sizes!

    Aloha! My husband and I took a long-awaited vacation to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. Our trip had been cancelled last year because the staff, not yet had all the necessary training to handle Covid. I did not see one lighting showroom on any of the Islands we visited but the chandeliers on the ship were absolutely gorgeous. And the sizes of these spectacular pieces was amazing. I feel sure the ship’s mantra is “go big or go home”.

    Chandelier Speaking of sizes of fixtures; have you ever noticed that often, fixtures just don’t fit the space. To figure the size of the chandelier needed in your dining room, measure the width and length of the room, and add them together. That measurement in inches is the approximate dimension a chandelier needs to be. If your room is 12 x 12, a 24″ fixture would be the correct size give or take a couple inches. Some think the size of the table is what you should go by, I believe the size of the room will give you a better perspective.

    Exterior LightExterior LightThe size of exterior fixtures is most important. Many select fixtures that are too small for their home which actually cheapens the look of the home. That’s a strong word but very true. The height should measure approximately ΒΌ the height of the doorway and should be installed slightly above eye level. On a typical door, this measures out to approximately 66″ above the threshold of the door. Size is everything, just ask the Norwegian cruise line.

    While Aloha is the word for a simple greeting, Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for Thank You. So, Mahalo for another great year at Nancy B’s. We are most appreciative of your support of our local business which means the world to us. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2023.