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    LED lighting options

    Resolutions. We all talk about them and some of us even make them. This year our resolution at Nancy B’s is to better educate our builders, architects, designers, contractors, and customers on the importance of bulb temperatures. Which LED bulb temperature is right for you?

    It’s important to decide what activity will take place in a room when selecting the bulb color temperature. Warmer tones of LED’s create cozier atmospheres, so they are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. Kitchens, however, require cooler light to help with food prep. Office space, the garage, attic, or craft areas will also benefit from a cooler light. Take into considerations natural light from windows which will also play a big part in deciding color temperatures.

    LED Lighting OptionsSelecting the color temperature or Kelvin of an LED is quite personal. We find most of our customers prefer LED’s in 2700K and 3000K. Others desire the 3500K, 4000K or even the 5000K. Remember to read the back of any LED bulb box for important information regarding the wattage, light output or lumens and color temperature. When purchasing these bulbs, make sure the same color temperature or Kelvin is used in the same space. Mixing color temperatures of warm and cool will not be pleasing to the eye.

    Believe it or not, LED bulbs can change the appearance of wall color. Recently a customer complained that his walls were painted yellow, but his bulbs in his recessed lights and lamps made the walls look green. We fixed the issue immediately by selling him warmer LED’s and he couldn’t believe the difference they made. Remember lower Kelvins produces warmer light, higher Kelvins produce cooler light and note the cooler light will have blue tendencies. Relax, we are here to help you, this is our resolution!

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