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  • Game Rooms Are More Popular Than Ever!

    game room light fixture

    As we live through this pandemic and uncertain times, we need to be more creative. While we WILL get through this, many of us are staying at home and many of us with children. Keeping wee ones busy is often a challenge not to mention the older kids. I’m speaking of “old kids”, like myself.

    Game rooms have become a central social space for family and friends to gather. This space requires better lighting over the pool table, card table and even an area where games on the phone are played. We don’t hear much anymore about the Wii or X-box games, the phones are pretty much allowing those games to disappear.

    When lighting your game room or area where games are enjoyed, we need to consider glare. You certainly don’t want a recessed light to interfere if you have a flat screen television mounted to the wall. flush ceiling lightThe layered lighting technique which is multiple sources of lighting is best. The use of recessed lighting or the “I can’t believe it’s not recessed” will help when needing the entire room to be lighted. However, wall sconces are best for soft lighting and table lamps can make a room cozy and allow for great lighting for reading.

    table lampAlways remember to install a light dimmer for those often times-harsh recessed. So many activities can take place in the game area and each will call for different lighting. If you are considering a pool table light, check out the collection on our online lighting store. As a general rule, reading spaces and computer areas are best with the use of table lamps. Pool tables are best lit from above. Often pendants are perfect indirect light sources that do not allow glare on laptops and monitors. pool table light

    The “I can’t believe it’s not recessed” I mentioned above is on fire! It takes the place of a recessed light, easier to install in either new or remodel construction, is dimmable, mounts to a junction box, trim and LED all in one unit, has a 48 year life time and lets no heat escape like recessed cans and under $30.00. Often in a remodel situation, this fixture allows for easy placement regardless of what may be in and above the ceiling. led recessed light Stop by our Charlottesville lighting showroom and let us show you how great this little recessed-looking 7.5″ fixture is.