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  • Fall is in the Air!

    crystal chandelier

    Whew, I thought fall would not arrive soon enough. I have tired of watering my flowers due to lack of rain and temperatures in the 90’s and as much as I love summer, I’ve been waiting for fall and finally it’s here! The colors of autumn always excite me and the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cider make me happy and once again we can enjoy our fire pit in the back yard. Halloween and Thanksgiving are two holidays I look forward to each year.

    Maybe you will be entertaining for the holidays and you are thinking of getting a new chandelier for your dining room, don’t wait. Now is the time to get it on order. Maybe you’ve heard of appliances and furniture back orders, well the same is happening with lighting. Coming to your aid, we have crystal chandeliers already dressed and on display and we will be happy to take one down for you. While we are happy to order any fixture for you, we have many on display and you can take them home rather than waiting on back orders. Colored Pendant LightsWe have many chandeliers in our outlet, Lights Out and again, we are happy to take any down for you. Select a new piece of “lighting jewelry” for your home soon.

    Some great Fall colors are seen in Eurofase’s Caledonia pendants. These LED pendants are offered in clear, pink, blue, yellow and orange and different sizes as well. These bright, candy colored pendants have honeycomb glass accented by chrome trim and will make a great splash of color anywhere in your home.

    Sparkle Plenty Chandelier CleanerAlready have a crystal chandelier but a good cleaning is in order? We offer a fabulous product called Sparkle Plenty that will make your clean up easy. Sprays on, drips dry and is spot free. Come by and pick up a bottle. This company has been around since 1903 and our customers rave about it.

    Take some time to enjoy the coolness in the air and bake some cookies to wet the appetite of those you love.