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  • Exterior Lighting – as Important as Interior Lighting

    Exterior Lighting in Charlottesville

    It’s that time of year when we are busy making lists, shopping, baking and decorating the interior of our homes. Nancy B’s shop is looking like Christmas as well. Let’s talk about the exterior of your home? While we may string some lights on the porch, trees or lamp post, it is only temporary. As you’ve heard, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. This is true when thinking about your home’s exterior. Remember your home looks very different at night than during the day. Security lighting, like flood lights should not be considered landscape lighting, they are glaring and not welcoming.

    Kichler and Hinkley are two lighting companies we provide who offer wonderful landscape lighting. You can use subtle lighting in the trees, behind shrubbery and along the sidewalk. Layering your exterior lighting with a post top lantern, wall sconces and pathway lighting will give your home the WOW factor. Make sure to light the full length of your property and the full width of your home making it look as large as possible. As Randall Whitehead says, “When it comes to real estate, size does matter”.

    Some terms you’ve heard for lighting the interior of your home are also used for the exterior:

    • Task lighting will help guide your friends from the street to the front door which could be pathway and/or step lighting.
    • Accent lighting can be mounted in the ground or in trees and can also highlight sculptures or water features.
    • Ambient light sets the scene and creates an illusion of an outdoor room. Up lighting for mature trees will almost create the sense of a ceiling.

    Use LED lighting to save on energy costs and use the lower wattage. The use of a dimmer will be most beneficial as well. More light is more glare which is not the desired look. Look on our website and online store or visit our blog post about Landscape Lighting to discover more exterior lighting possibilities.

    May you have a Merry Christmas! From your friends at Nancy B’s House of Lights in Charlottesville VA.