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  • Don’t Put Off Your Home Lighting To-Dos!

    Home lighting ta-das!

    Computers, what are they good for? Reminds me of a song from 1970, though I didn’t agree with its message. We’ve had visits from our computer guys this week, too many visits in fact. We’ve become so dependent upon computers and when issues arise, we’re ready to go back to writing orders by hand!

    I’m sure some people think the same way and become discouraged about having home lighting fixtures replaced or electrical issues repaired. First, you must find and then call an electrician or leave them a message and wait to hear back. Then schedule an appointment and again wait. Life is like that sometimes. But what would we do without electricians or computers for that matter? It’s all about turning our to-dos into ta-das!

    Home lighting ta-das!Often customers think that since we sell residential lighting that we may also be able to install it. Sounds logical at first, but home lighting requires electricity, and that requires a professional electrician.  We are not electricians but can certainly recommend some great ones. The electricians we suggest are trustworthy, licensed, friendly, kind and most importantly, knowledgeable, just like our IT people!

    We strive to have your fixtures here when the electrician is ready to install. Having a registered electrician is most important, not a handy man. While a handy man is helpful, they are not qualified to do your electrical work. Just like we are not qualified to fix computers.

    Home lighting ta-das!When you turn your home lighting to-dos into ta-das it is an incredible feeling! So many of our fixtures stand out in a crowd and make quite an impression making that a ta-da moment, one that lasts and lasts. Fans can do the same as well as a beautiful pair of lamps. Let us guide you into turning your to-dos into ta-das!