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  • Color Trends in Home Lighting

    Color Trends in Home Lighting

    Trying to figure out new color trends is not easy. And trying to understand what home lighting colors are hot and which ones are fading is tough. However this information in home furnishings, lighting and accessories is most valuable when deciding your purchase. Benjamin Moore and print magazine Domino may help sort it out, they offer some useful guidelines. The Architectural Digest magazine reports on color rankings.

    Popular colors in the past couple of years used names such as Pink Damask, Dinner Party, Peach Parfait, Rich Cream, Guildford Green, Palladian Blue and Lily Lavender to name a few. All manners of white remain popular but the ones mentioned are still on-trend for interiors.

    Domino’s reports from polling its readers on Instagram show the New Yorkers are going gray, Boston-cream neutral, Washington-coral, Pittsburg-rich forest green, Chicago-navy, Dallas-light blue, Houston black, Seattle-dusty rose, Portland-mint green, Los Angeles homeowners prefer pink (Yikes) and San Francisco-white.

    Interesting, huh? How about Virginia? Your guess is as good as mine. These selections aren’t necessarily the best sellers but trendy shades people are choosing. Selecting lighting and other home furnishings may be a bit easier if you first know the color of your walls. I’ll be heading to the Lighting Market in January to see what they think will be the trend for 2020.

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