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  • Bathroom Lighting Tips

    Bathroom Light Fixtures

    We want to look our best any time of day when we look in our bathroom mirror. Bathrooms have several functions but often, lighting is treated as an afterthought. Often (especially if your bathroom has a window) your light fixtures appear to be brighter during daylight hours. What about at night? What you may have thought as plenty of light during the day has now become insufficient. Having sconces on the sides of the mirror gives you even illumination and shadowless light for your face. Lighting above the mirror highlights your forehead and creates shadows under your eyes, nose and chin. Having lighting above and on the sides of the mirror offers cross illumination. Performing tasks such as applying makeup and shaving require excellent lighting. It is suggested that 1,100 lumens be provided. Now in a powder room, 800 lumens is suggested because most often a powder room is used to wash our hands or fix our hair.

    Another important factor is the color temperature of the LED bulbs that will be used. When applying makeup and preparing for work or an event, we want to do this in the same color temperature we will be seen in when we leave our home. There are some fixtures and illuminated mirrors that give us this flexibility and can dim from 2200 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin temperature.

    Sometimes it’s nice to have a night light of sorts in the bathroom so that it isn’t necessary to turn on an overhead light. We personally use the moon light as our nightlight. If there is no window or you keep your windows covered, may I suggest toe kick space lighting. This rope or tape lighting which is placed under the cabinets and close to the floor can be left on all night. Layered lighting is the best for any room. The layers in your bathroom could be recessed lighting, a ceiling light or a pretty chandelier, vanity lights, wall sconces and toe kick lighting; all of which should be on their own switch.

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    Take an extra peek in the mirror and look and feel your best today!