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  • Bath Lighting Fixtures – Part 2

    LED Bathroom Mirror

    In my last blog, I discussed lighting for bathrooms and explained lighting for vanities is either placed above the vanity and mirror or wall sconces can be placed on either side of the mirror. However, there is another type of lighting for the vanity. Illuminated mirrors. That’s right illuminated mirrors.

    Now you might remember the old “Hollywood strips”. I sang and participated in shows with the Charlottesville Light Opera Company years back and the Hollywood strips supplied great light for applying that horrible heavy makeup. The mirror was surrounded by a ring of bulbs, and it made it possible to see anything and everything including facial flaws.

    As of late, lighting manufacturers are providing mirrors with dimmable LED’s including varieties which change the light from 5000 Kelvin which is close to daylight to 2400K which resembles the color of incandescent light. Some of these mirrors have built-in side lighting or lighting that goes along the entire perimeter of the mirror.

    Lighted Makeup MirrorFor sure this is great lighting for applying makeup or shaving. The modern look of lighted mirrors combines lighting and mirror all in one. When using these mirrors, lighting above or next to the vanity is not needed. Many styles make them suitable for every bathroom. Various features such as Bluetooth speakers and built-in televisions are also available in illuminated mirrors.

    Another way to light our bathrooms is toe-kick lights. LED strips or tape lighting is mounted at the base near the floor and below the vanity or cabinets and can be used as a night light or path light for safety. This lighting also adds an element of luxury to the room and enables you to see without turning any lights on in the room.

    Round LED MirrorAs my friend, Randall Whitehead mentions, toe-kick lighting along with overhead lighting, helps balance “hot spots”. Rope lighting can also be used in place of LED strips and cost could be considerably less. That being said, I do prefer the LED tape lighting. Your electrician can connect toe-kick lighting to a wall switch or enable them to turn on automatically when you enter the room. Make sure to tell your electrician your likes, dislikes and desires before the job is started.

    Be sure to check out our website for Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors and call us, should you have questions. We are always available to help you.