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  • 2019 Trends in Lighting Fixture & Shade Color

    Blue and green remain popular in their own right, but when combined together in Celadon, the two create a soft, calming shade. I wish I could say I wrote that sentence, however, this was written in the Furniture Lighting Decor magazine. The shade of Celadon is quite lovely and reminds me of colors of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii. It is such a relaxed color and some might refer to the color as a “beachy” look.

    I will be heading to Dallas later this month to the Lighting Market and this beautiful color will grace items such as ceramic lamps, lamp shades, furniture, wallpaper and area rugs. Every year at the Market, I see trends and there is no promise that they will be popular or desired, it’s anyone’s guess. I will bet I will even see chandeliers with bobbles in this color or fixtures with woven rope and trims in this finish and I know they will be beautiful.

    Another color trend is Mustard, yes a favorite shade from the 70’s. Benjamin Moore’s Golden Nugget is sure to be a big paint seller this year. Be on the lookout for Mustard and Celadon-even in clothing.

    Trendy colors are just that, trends, but colorful lighting fixtures are a great way of incorporating new and trendy items into your home’s decor. Keep up with the times, without needing to repaint the entire living room. And next year, that light fixture will be just as beautiful, while the trendy feature wall in last months color may be a mistake. Lighting fixtures can be styled and coordinated with to keep rooms fresh without going out of style. Swap out the lampshade and the throw pillows and any room can have a whole new look, without having to break the bank.

    Right now at Nancy B’s and our outlet store, Lights Out, we are making room for new fixtures I will purchase at Market. This is an excellent time to come in and pick up some fixtures that are reduced 50 to 75% in both locations, so you can spruce up your space for 2019!